PVC Edge Tables

Simple / Elegant “S/E” Tops

3mm PVC Edge Tables

Edgemold offers a complete line of simple, elegant tables with a clean 3mm PVC Edge. PVC edged tables are the standard for the industry. Clean, reliable , elegant with a durable edge.

Available with square or rounded corners these table are made with Fiberesin’s exclusive HPP thermally fused surface in any of the Edgemold Design Offering or with HPL laminate from Wilsonart, Pionite, Formica, Nevamar and others (prices vary).

Custom Graphics: Submit your graphic for a special quote & we will customize your top. Fiberesin has in house custom graphic capability.


The 3mm S/E top is an excellent choice when you expect your tops to have normal commercial use. This proven and industry standard construction is durable and reliable at a very attractive price point. Utilizing Fiberesin HPP process eliminates glue lines and increases the product life. PVC tables are great for cafeterias, meeting spaces, and office settings. Suitable for indoor use only.

All Edgemold tables core materials are CARBI and II certified, SCS Certified, EPP Certified, FSC® certified (FSC-C115183) (if requested).

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