Stonewood Tables

Beautiful, Durable, Cleanable and Slim, Stonewood tables stand up to the test.  These fused tops are rugged and manufactured with no seams or laminate glue.  They are available in a variety of colors, sizes and edge finishes.  Stonewood tables are ideal in applications where strength and a modern appearance are important. 

Stonewood moisture resistance and UV protection make it an ideal product for both interior and exterior use, even in humid environments. 

Available in 5/16” or 3/ 4” thickness, Stonewood core is made of multiple layers if treated Kraft paper thermally fused into a solid panel.  Thermally fusing the product eliminates the risk of delamination and leaves no creases or seams that would be hard to clean.

The solid phenolic table is totally seamless and requires no applied edges that could trap food or bacteria.  Stonewood tables are machined from a solid panel of Stonewood material resulting in a durable table top with a smooth, tactilely pleasant surface and edge (multiple edge profiles are available).

Stonewood Panels are solid phenolic, thermally-fused materials comprised of multiple sheets of kraft fiber paper. These kraft papers can be FSC® certified (FSC-C115183) and contain 16% or more post-industrial, recycled wood fiber content. To produce Stonewood Panels, Fiberesin impregnates the raw core kraft sheets with phenolic resins. The treated papers are then hot pressed, fusing the layers into a solid panel. The Stonewood panel does not emit formaldehyde, is resistant to burning, and can support significant weight without breaking.

Stonewood is CARB Phase 1 and II compliant, chemical resistant (passing the SEFA 8 chemical resistance testing), and fire-retardant (Class B).

Stonewood tables are available in a wide variety of colors (Click to see Edgemold’ s Design Offering for 50+ options).  Do you want to customize your Stonewood phenolic table?  We can convert your custom graphic into a table.

Stonewood table tops are 5/8” or 3/4” thick with a 3/4” moisture resistant mounting block attached underneath.  The tables have a 2" radius on all corners and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.  They can also be custom fabricated to customer-supplied dimensions.

Applications: You'll find Stonewood tables in Restaurants, Cafeterias, Break Rooms, Lobbies, Serving Counters, Acute Care and Long-term Care Facilities, and in Offices.

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