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What is an Edgemold table?

Edgemold’s urethane edge tables feature our proprietary pressed urethane edge. The edge is offered in numerous profiles and colors to match the application and can be custom designed for special projects. The Edgemold edge is manufactured by injecting liquid urethane into a mold surrounding a shaped laminate table top or worksurface. The urethane flows around the table and shrinks a little as it cools resulting in a tightly sealed, durable edge with no seam between the edge and the laminate top.

The Edgemold Advantage

Edgemold Original urethane-edged tops are a practical solution for any application where beauty and durability are paramount.

  • An Edgemold Original table seamless edge totally eliminates a place for dirt, microbial growth or moisture to accumulate.
  • Our tables are built to withstand heavy use and frequent cleaning.
  • The Edgemold Original urethane edge is also stain resistant, UV stable, and flame retardant.
  • The Original urethane edge has superior impact resistance and strength which protects both the table and chair frames.
  • Our proprietary formula includes an antimicrobial agent that helps keep the edges sanitary.
  • Environmentally Respectful: Core Materials are CARB I and II certified, SCS Certified, EPP Certified and FSC certified (if requested). Urethane materials are Phthalate/ Phthalate DEHP free, and comprised of 65% rapidly renewable content.

Edge Colors

The Original Edgemold tables have a urethane edge material that is integrally molded comes in your choice of 25 colors.  Click here to see them.

The Features 

The Edgemold edge was designed to offer a few key features not available with other common edge constructions. 

Seamless - The molded urethane edge does not leave any space between the edge and the top to allow for dirt or bacteria to accumulate. 

Durable – The product is designed for high use applications such as food courts, schools, restaurants, healthcare and hospitality settings. It is common for chairs to be stored upside down on tables at night to allow for cleaning personnel to mop the floors. The urethane edge will protect the table as well as the chairs. 

Tactile – Tactile comfort is part of any quality product.  Urethane allows for a soft-edged table that is comfortable on the arms.  The urethane rubber table edge protects other furniture as well as the table itself, and yet is incredibly durable.

Anti-microbial – Our proprietary formula includes an antimicrobial agent that helps keep the edges sanitary.

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